• 3D Print

    The fourth part of MFA thesis project were models inspired by the 3D mesh structures. The models were printed by using Powder Bed and Inkjet Head 3D printing technology.

Modeling Step 1:
3D Model Polygon Mesh Render

Modeling Step 2:
3D Model line stroke Render

Close shot of the prints in bright space

Full shot of the prints in dark space

Full shot of the prints in real kitchen

Close shot of the prints at MICA GD MFA Thesis Exhibition 2016

  • Design Process Photos
    Key Steps: 3D Modeling / 3D Printing
  • Name: Vegetable 3D Prints / Date: Spring 2014 / Category: 3D Art

When I was creating 3D models for these vegetables, I was inspired by the process of mesh rendering. This rendering method gives vegetables a futuristic feel. After creating 3D models for the vegetables, I 3D printed the models in order to create a variety of ways to visualize them.

People liked the Vegetable Anatomy App and especially enjoyed playing with the vegetables in their 3D graphic form. Therefore, the last step in my design process was to come up with a way to get people closer to the digital CGI. When I was modeling, I was amazed by the mesh render view of the 3D models. Instead of creating the solid 3D models, I made them to mesh structure and 3D printed them. This rendering method gave the vegetables a futuristic feel.