• Books that colored my life

    This booklet is part of a collection of short books about books created by the Graphic Design MFA program at MICA, under the mentorship of Ellen Lupton.

  • Design Process Photos
    Key Steps: Photography/ Screenprint / Letterpress / Animation / Digital Publication
  • Name: Books that colored my life / Date: Spring 2013. / Category: App Design, Book Design

The print and digital versions of this project are to be featured in Lupton's book, Type on Screen.

This design reflected my personal experience towards reading. I picked 8 books that had huge impact on my life to design with. I first created a color palette for different categories of feelings, and used this color palette to demonstrate my feelings with these 8 books. Table of content is an inforgraph summarize these 8 books. The top part of the infograph presents each book’s own length, and the bottom part presents the measurement of my emotion towards each book. Before introducing each book, I designed a short motion to demonstrate my memory on this book, a path from figurative memory to abstract impression. For each book, I designed a visualization to show the changes of my emotion when reading this book. Each book has their unique visualization structure. Besides the digital print version, I also designed a printed brochure, using screen print and letter press methods, to go with the digital book.