• Vegetable Anatomy App

    The third part of MFA thesis project was an application focused on the visual exploration of the vegetables by creating interesting interactions to help audience be more engaged with the visuals.

Visual elements libiary of tomato

Visual elements libiary of cucumber

Visual elements libiary of onion

Visual elements libiary of ginger

Visual elements libiary of Garlic

Visual elements libiary of potato

Cucumber Section
Cucurbits Family / Color Palette / Landing Page

Tomato Section
Solanaceae Family / Color Palette / Landing Page

  • Design Process Photos
    Key Steps: Illustration / Abode Edge Animate Developing / Adobe After Effects Animating / Abode DPS Developing
  • Name: Vegetable Anatomy App / Date: Spring 2014 / Category: App Design + Developing

In order to present a more interactive experience with these six vegetables, I designed an ipad app. The app let people interact with all the visual elements I created for each vegetable, including color palette, 360 view of the vegetable, a line art animation of cross section of vegetable, the MRI images, and 3D structure to help educate people about these vegetables in a way engaging way.